Private, in-depth experiences that will help any visitor understand Bucharest


Bucharest is and was the cultural and economic centre of modern Romania. These tours will help you understand in full different themes such as: how the ethnical minorities shaped Bucharest; a brief history of Bucharest and the life of the periphery of the city. 

Get a glimpse of different neighbourhoods of Bucharest. They are the salt and pepper of the city much more than it’s centre. These walks will include all the interesting stories and places each neighbourhood has to offer delivered by passionate story-tellers.


We invite you into the homes of some great chefs, amateur or professionals. They’ll await you with international or Romanian dishes. Besides the three-course home-cooked meal (one of which will be a local soup ) you’ll be able to try out some of the best local cheeses, wines, beers and home made țuică (a local schnapps).




"Bucharest has over 30 abandoned forts and this is probably the most haunting of them all. It was built after the War of independence but never used. Now it lies shrouded by the forest on the outskirts of the city. Was a lot of fun."
"Kash Bhattacharya"
"I have seen a lot of people who came to explore the edges of the world and i’ve seen how few went home the same. Something changed forever in their hearts when they saw this side of reality. And there’s the truth i’m going to tell you: a new urban culture is being created which grows anonymously as only the initiated know it, in the blood of our cities. And there are very few things more beautiful in present culture."
News paper
"You discover hidden corners in Bucharest and even in Romania, in the company of awesome guides."
Corina Murafa

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