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This tour is an excellent summary of the city.

We will walk through an old slum, then through the newest neighborhood of the city – 13 Septembrie – and at the end we will visit an old neighborhood of the bourgeoisie, where all the streets are named after doctors – Cotroceni.


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Throughout this itinerary we will see exactly how Bucharest has changed both architecturally and in terms of lifestyle throughout three different time periods: between the wars – communism – democracy. We will visit the neighborhood surrounding Carol Ist Park, spotting the old constructions, the palaces, the graffitis, the old factories. We will talk about the 90s and how childhood was spent back then; about how people used to fish and roller skate. We will probably see some cyclists down-hilling and we will certainly see a lot of kids.

We will visit 13 September neighborhood, the newest one in Bucharest, having been almost entirely finished in 1989. We will pass by the Flower Market – one of the very few that are left in Bucharest.

You will here a lot about the types of people that lived here; about what life was like in this community; about the sudden relocation of a lot of people after the 90s. This neighborhood was supposed to be the civic center of the city and an important commercial knot. Both the People’s House and the Romanian Academy (also called Elena’s House) are here.

We will share with you our childhood games, stories about how kids interacted with adults (did you know that each and every block of flats used to have a neighbor who was constantly so irritated by the noise children made that they  tried everything to make them leave the premises: from taking away the balls that ended up in their balconies to more dangerous stuff like throwing glass jars after them?). We did not have playgrounds, so we turned the whole neighborhood in our huge playground.

We will head towards Cotroceni, one of the few areas that still is a big community formed by its inhabitants. Here you will see kids playing on the small streets without being supervised by adults. During the winter they take out their sledges and head towards Țăcăliei Hill.

It is truly beautiful in Cotroceni.

Itinerary: Carol Ist Park – Filaret Hill – 13 Septembrie – Cotroceni

Lasts: 5 hours

Fee: 80 Euros/ person

Storytellers: Andreea Leu, Ioan Borșan