We invite you into the homes of some great chefs, amateur or professionals. They’ll await you with international or Romanian dishes. Besides the three-course home-cooked meal (one of which will be a local soup) you’ll be able to try out some of the best local cheeses, wines, beers and home-made țuică (a local schnapps). 

The chefs selected will only work with the freshest products available, striving to use as many local ingredients as possible. That’s why we don’t have a fixed menu. It will work like this – you will tell us your food restrictions and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Whenever we can get our hands on homemade foods from the rural part, we’ll also serve that. 

Bookings (see the form below) must be made 24 hours beforehand so we have time for shopping. You’ll receive a menu and if you agree, we’ll give you the rest of the details. 

For starters (pun intended), here are a few words on Chef Sosin, the first one to open the doors of his kitchen for you.



Sebastian Sosin is a researcher in microelectronics with a real passion for homemade stuff: furniture, mustard, cosmetics. When he feels like, he also smokes his own meat. Miscellaneous detail – he is a cat lover. 

“I cook for pleasure, gusto and relaxation. I love intense aromas; I have over 50 jars of spices out of which 7 different types of pepper. I don’t think one can cook fast and good, but if cooked with patience, a potato puree can be a real star. I’m a control freak and that’s why you’ll always see me using a sous-vide apparatus, but I’ll never scale the ingredients of a recipe. I always look for new recipes, new ideas, new ingredients, even if to do so, I need to pick them from a field or from house fences”