He’s one of Romania’s top journalists. He loves freedom so he works as a freelancer. He knows most of the local communities, their stories, their histories and their characteristics. He’s a natural-born storyteller, a writer, a poet and even though he’s into his mid ‘30s, very wise. Unfortunately, although he hates travelling, he travels whenever he gets the chance. So there’s a slight chance he won’t be available at all times. He was born in Ploiesti, a city only 50 km away from Bucharest and moved here when he decided he was gonna become a journalist. He has won all the local journalism prizes.


He’s a historian with a PHD in Uniformology (the science of military uniforms) but if you hear him speak you’ll think his PHD is mainly filled with anecdotes. He’s also a curator at the National Museum of Romania and has his own reenactment crew. When given the opportunity he also offers consultancy for historic movies. He’s mostly available during weekends.


Co-founder of cosyromania, of Walk&Shoot photography workshops, of Caleido Theatre Festival (the first multicultural theatre festival in Romania) and of (which can be roughly translated to: a website that documents communities), he has a love / hate relationship with Bucharest. He loves its music, food and lifestyle. He is born and raised here, witnessed the birth of the alternative music scene and the independent theatre scene and has a major in History. He can talk for hours about any of those and there’s no way you’ll get bored.