The journey will begin from Bragadiru Palace, one of the most sumptuous places in Bucharest that is an event hall today. We’ll pass next to the biggest flower market in the city. It’s a real spectacle especially at the beginning of march and mid September. (more…)

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One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Bucharest, also known as the doctors’quarter. It was developed around the medicine university, a vaccine research and development institute, and veterinary medicine university. (more…)

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The Jewish Neighborhood

The story of the Jewish community in Romania is a tragic one. They’ve influenced Bucharest in a lot of ways, yet their merits have more often than not passed  unrecognized. We’ll take you on a journey of remembrance in a ruined neighborhood that tells the story of the Jewish tragedy in Romania (before the 1930s there were over 300.000 Jews in Romania; today there are only a few thousands). (more…)

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The Hidden City Centre

This tour will take you through the small streets near the city center. We’ll show you surprising architecture, cool coffee shops, delicious restaurants, meet local artists (if they’re home, of course), hidden passages, hip second-hand shops and the Armenian quarter and the Holocaust memorial. (more…)

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