We are a group of natural-born storytellers. Bucharest is our hometown and during our lifetime we have all gathered many of its fascinating stories. One of our favourite pastimes is strolling through the city streets and observing the interaction between people and between people and the city.

For some of us, our childhood playground was made up of the concrete structures of the unfinished blocs of flats from 13 Septembrie neighborhood.

Some of us are history geeks.

Some of us are journalists who have told hundreds of stories about Bucharest and helped contribute to the development of a fresh new local conscience among the city’s inhabitants.

Some of us are passionate about telling visual stories and constantly try to capture Bucharest’s personality through photographs.

We like staying off the beaten path. We look for nuances in all official stories, which often oversimplify the histories of the city.

We aim to have a positive impact in the host communities.

We are always looking to nurture the interaction between our guests and locals.

We are able to recommend the best places to have a drink, some good food and also the best local events.

We love food, especially made with local products. Our chefs have a good relationship with their ingredient suppliers who they have chosen for being the best in their trade.

We’ll also love local craft beer and local wines.

The information you’ll receive from us can’t be found on Wikipedia, most of it it’s oral history.

Take a leap of faith and join our experiences! Give us an email at ion@cosyromania.com – ideally, 24hrs beforehand. But if you decide in the morning, we can usually meet at noon the same day. The starting points of the tours are flexible.