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13 Septembrie Neighborhood was supposed to be the new civic center, the main commercial artery.  It’s built very close to the Palace of Parliament (which locals still call People’s House). After the collapse of the communist regime, so did the plans for the neighborhood.

We’ll take you through the childhood of the ‘90s. There were loads of kids at the time, over 200 with an age gap between them of about 6 years. There was a real community where everyone knew everyone. Kids played there in the foundations of unfinished flats, explored the tunnels between what is now known as Marriot Hotel and Cotroceni Stadium. Tree houses were built in the courtyard of the Palace of Parliament where it was forbidden to enter.

The first sexy club was opened here. Also one of the first alternative sports community was born here.

We’ll let you know how the neighborhood transformed since the fall of the communist regime with an accent on lifestyle but also housing / architectural polices.

Guide: Ion Borsan

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 30 euros / person